Miss Sass (0_dizzynoise_0) wrote,
Miss Sass

Introoooooooduction for brigits_flame.

Hello everyone, I'm 0_dizzynoise_0. I stole my name from a line in a song. I love music. I've spent a better part of my life (though it hasn't been long) trying to express how much it moves me. Everyone knows that feeling you get in the car when driving and that chorus comes on. You sing at the top of your lungs, uninhibited in the dark with the wind rushing through open windows. It's a feeling of being infinite. I wish I could give each person a glimpse of how amazing that feels. Also, on an almost related topic, I want to change the world.
To move on to something different entirely, I have two new kitties. They are terrors and they climb my curtains. I call them Crazy and Jumbo, affectionately. I also have an amazing boyfriend and somewhat inherited son (his child). They're great and take up most of my time.
But, all anyone really needs to know about me are these few facts:
I can't sing, love to eat, dance like a fiend, and work too much.
Hello again, everyone!

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